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ST Snowdrifters
Current Trail Conditions
Trail Name Trail Boundary Current Condition Notes
C-4 From East Eden To Gowanda
Closed Temporarily
S-44-B Fox Ave. To Wagner Rd.
Closed Temporarily
S-49 C-4 / S-49 junction New Oregon Sign Board To Uncle Franks
Closed Temporarily
S-44 C-4 / S-44 junction (Ed Gabels) To Boston Club At Mortons Corners
Closed Temporarily
S-40-B Collins Center Trail
Closed Temporarily
C-4 Gowanda To South Dayton
Closed Temporarily
C-1-B From C-4 To Forestville Trail
Closed Temporarily
S-11-B Bartlett Hill Rd. Trail
Closed Temporarily
  • Temporarily Closed
    Trail is closed, waiting for more snow. Check back soon (unless it's summer)
  • Limited
    Trails are passable for marginal riding;some trails may not have sufficient snow or you may encounter water holes. Some trails may be CLOSED.
  • Fair
    Trails are in adequate shape for satisfactory riding. Some trails may not be groomed.
  • Good
    Trails are groomed with very good snow cover. Riding should prove to be a very favorable experience.
  • Excellent
    Trails are exceptionally well groomed with ideal snow cover. Enjoy your ride !!