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ST Snowdrifters

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Southern Tier Snow Drifters

Snowmobile Club

The Southern Tier Snow Drifters is a snowmobile club with snowmobile trails in Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, and Erie counties in N.Y  Est.1970

Trails Are Closed for the season

4/5/24 9:00AM

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2024 Riding Season Club Updates

2024 Gun raffle tickets are available from all club members. The raffle is Thursday 4/11/24 at the club monthly meeting. Please make sure you turn in your gun raffle tickets early, or bring them to the April monthly meeting. The more you sell, the more it helps the club have the funds to improve the trails you ride.

Monthly Member Meetings – Our general meetings are every second Thursday of the month at 7:30PM.

Meetings & Events

A club is only as strong as it’s members make it. Come out and help make our club as strong as it can be.

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Current Trail Conditions
Trail Name Trail Boundary Current Condition Notes
C-4 From East Eden To Gowanda
Closed Temporarily
S-44-B Fox Ave. To Wagner Rd.
Closed Temporarily
S-49 C-4 / S-49 junction New Oregon Sign Board To Uncle Franks
Closed Temporarily
S-44 C-4 / S-44 junction (Ed Gabels) To Boston Club At Mortons Corners
Closed Temporarily
S-40-B Collins Center Trail
Closed Temporarily
C-4 Gowanda To South Dayton
Closed Temporarily
C-1-B From C-4 To Forestville Trail
Closed Temporarily
S-11-B Bartlett Hill Rd. Trail
Closed Temporarily
  • Temporarily Closed
    Trail is closed, waiting for more snow. Check back soon (unless it's summer)
  • Limited
    Trails are passable for marginal riding;some trails may not have sufficient snow or you may encounter water holes. Some trails may be CLOSED.
  • Fair
    Trails are in adequate shape for satisfactory riding. Some trails may not be groomed.
  • Good
    Trails are groomed with very good snow cover. Riding should prove to be a very favorable experience.
  • Excellent
    Trails are exceptionally well groomed with ideal snow cover. Enjoy your ride !!